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  Inspired by HERstory Podcast

November 2020 Kaitlyn Casso interviewed me for her podcast where I talked all about my own personal yoga journey and SO much more! Click HERE to listen.

Early 2024, I got interviewed by

Canvas Rebel Magazine


Click HERE to read the article where I talk about the mission of my business, Kimmarie Yoga, my own personal yoga journey, lessons I've learned along the way, and more!


My Bio

Yoga classes, workshops, and retreats located in and around Milford, CT, Orange, CT, Derby, CT, and Shelton, CT

Yoga has had such a profound effect on my life and continually shapes how I live and my interactions and relationship with myself and others. I’ve been teaching yoga for over 20 years and my passion for it continually grows. I’ve taught Girl Scouts, school children, cancer patients, war veterans, domestic abuse survivors, and yogis of all shapes and sizes, from beginners to advanced.


My ultimate happy place is somewhere with palm trees and ocean, bad cell service, and no A/C, where I’d go barefoot, garden, do lots of yoga, and walk everywhere.

When I’m not teaching yoga or doing my own practice, I can be found hosting various workshops that support the yoga and wellness lifestyle.

Past yoga workshops have included:

* Yoga & Meditation

* The Chakras

* Tapas- Setting Mindful Intentions (Instead of Resolutions) in the New Year

* Saucha- Spring Cleaning- Inside & Out

* Yoga & Crystals

* Yoga & Essential Oils

* Yoga, Mala Making & Brunch

* Conscious Eating

* My Body is My Temple

* The 8 Limbs of Yoga

* Yoga Nidra

* Yoga & Ayurveda

I also do private/ semi-private yoga sessions, run local and destination yoga retreats (see Workshops & Retreats page for current offerings), and enjoy giving back by teaching and organizing yoga classes and events for charity and fundraising.


In January 2016 I completed a 200 hour Ashtanga/ Vinyasa Yoga Alliance approved teacher training in India with Tribe Yoga. (I had already been teaching yoga for 14 years.)

October 2017 I was an assistant instructor on a 200 hour Hatha/Vinyasa training in Thailand with two of my instructors from India. I was responsible for teaching morning yoga classes, Sanskrit, Conscious Eating/ Conscious Living lessons, and supporting the instructors and students on the course in a variety of different ways over the month-long program.

November 2018 I went to Bali, Indonesia for a 100 hour Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training.

April 2022 I went to Greece for a 3-week/300 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

My longtime dream was to mesh together my love of yoga, my wanderlust, and the strong intrinsic calling I feel to give back and be of service to others. In April 2017 I got a taste of this when I traveled to Guatemala as the yoga and meditation instructor on a service retreat with the company Journey. The first two days of the trip were spent building homes for people living in slum conditions. The second half of the trip, at a different part of Guatemala, was for yoga, meditation, excursions and exploring and experiencing the local culture.

February 2018 I traveled again as the yoga and meditation instructor with this same company to Nicaragua, this time to refurbish a school in an underserved community. (See My Blog page for details about these two retreats.)

April 2019 I hosted a yoga retreat in Costa Rica where we did yoga & meditation on the beach, paddle boarding, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, zip lining, and connecting with like-minded people in this beautiful location!

I also host local Yoga Retreats at Mercy by the Sea in Madison, Connecticut. This picturesque seaside location is the perfect spot for a retreat where you have the opportunity to nurture yourself- body, mind, and spirit! Go to Workshops & Retreats page to see upcoming retreats scheduled.

Yoga reminds me to take life in stride, to accept things I can’t control, to not judge- myself or others, to lead with kindness and a loving heart, and to breathe.

I am so grateful to be able to share the gift of yoga with you!

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