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Kimmarie Yoga Goodies



(Regrettably, if shipping is required & you are not local, additional shipping costs will apply.)


"Moon Lotus"  Necklace

This “Moon Lotus” jewelry piece collaboration by Mystical Moon Warrior & Kimmarie Yoga was inspired by both of our businesses and logos.

The significance of Mystical Moon Warrior for Leia Gossett was: Mystical to honor the magic she had within. 

Moon to represent the phases we go thru in life of light & darkness. And Warrior to represent someone who has overcome any battle within or outside of themselves, and rises stronger and wiser.

The lotus flower logo for Kimmarie Yoga was chosen by Kimmarie Credidio because the lotus flower represents the journey of the human soul from darkness to the light of wisdom. The lotus flower’s roots are based in the mud where it submerges every night under murky river water. Every morning it blooms up out of the water rising up to meet the sun without any muddy residue on it's petals.  The lotus reminds us to have strong roots, and even in the most difficult of times, we can still rise up out of darkness to the light.

We hope you enjoy wearing this piece as much as we did creating it for you!


Sterling silver piece w 18' chain- $135 + tax

(as pictured)

add rose quartz crystal charm- + $20

Kimmarie Yoga Hoodie

This zip up hoodie is super cozy and fleece lined inside.

True to size. 

kmy 1.PNG

Kimmarie Yoga Long Sleeve with
Drawstring Neck

Fits true to size

kmy 2.PNG

Kimmarie Yoga T-Shirt

The V-neck tee

KMY logo on the front, website on the back.

Kimmarie Yoga Mens T-shirt

These are a dark charcoal gray in color and SO soft!!

Mantra Mat Spray

Lavender for calming, Eucalyptus for cleansing,

uplifting, and easy breathing,

and Lemon for it's antimicrobial, disinfectant and mood-boosting properties-

Use this spray on your yoga mat before and/or after your practice. 2oz.

Shanti by Kimmarie Yoga Essential Oil Blend​

A blend of lavender, frankincense, and bergamot- Calming, grounding, immune-boosting, reduces pain & stress, aids in digestion, healing, circulation, & sleep! And it smells divine!!!! :)

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