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I began hosting workshops as a way to go deeper into aspects of yoga that I'm only able to scratch the surface of in my classes. 

 I love that you/ "My yogis" are interested in going deeper in your own practice and knowledge of yoga and the yoga lifestyle! So much gratitude to you for allowing me to do what speaks to my soul and for being a part of this sangha we are creating! 

Namaste yogis! 

Check back frequently for newly added workshops and events, and please contact me if you have any ideas for future workshops!

* Workshops & Events can be live-streamed to make them accessible to you even if you are unable to attend in person!!! *


March & September Retreats at Mercy by the Sea, Madison CT

April Costa Rica Retreat

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Workshops & Events​

Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Sept 20-22


September 20-22- Fall Retreat

Managing Stress to Live your Best, Happiest Life!​

Unfortunately we all experience stress, and it is POISON to the body and a real buzz-kill when trying to live your best, happiest life! 

I am SO excited and honored to be co-leading this retreat with my dear friend and rockstar therapist Jenny Noia-Gilson, LCSW.

Jenny will be teaching us stress-management techniques and strategies we can easily incorporate into our daily lives.  

 I will be revealing how your yoga and meditation practice, along with some great insights I learned in my training in Bali, can help you to better manage stress in your life, and respond to it in a whole different way!

Where? Mercy by the Sea in Madison CT- 45 minutes from Shelton

We were at this beautiful beachside location for my retreat the last September and this past March.

A $200  non-refundable deposit will hold your spot.

(You can Paypal that to me at my email address- [email protected])


What's Included?

* Friday and Saturday night accommodations,

* All meals from dinner Friday night thru breakfast Sunday morning,

* 3 Yoga Classes,

* Meditation,

* All Group Sessions

* Swag Bag of "Goodies"

and other secret stuff! ;)

Cost- $500 double

Message me about commuter options.


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.




Simply Yoga

If you've taken my class, you know I do a lot of cueing on alignment, the bandas, the breath, ...

My idea for this class was to teach a yoga class where I'm basically just cueing the names of the poses with very little other coaching/dialog. 

 Without that constant rhetoric and direction throughout the class, you are able to more easily go within (pratyahara-one of the 8 Limbs) and experience your practice on a deeper more meditative level and tune into your own inner guide during your practice.

(You should have a good understanding of yoga postures, alignment, and modifications to take this class.)

If the weather permits, we will be OUTSIDE for this! :)

When: Saturday, July 20, 930AM

Where: Shelton

(Exact address will be given in confirmation email.)

Space is limited! 

Message me to reserve your spot!

[email protected]



I'm bringing back our Summer Meditation Sessions as SO many of you told me how much you enjoyed it last year! 

I'm running these sessions as either:


*  A 4-Week Meditation Series

4 weeks for $45


*  As Single Meditation Sessions

 if you don't want to or can't commit to all four sessions


My goal for these Meditation sessions is  to educate you not only on the practice of Meditation  & how to incorporate it into your life, but also in yogic philosophy and as a way to enhance and deepen your spiritual/yoga practice.

No prior Meditation experience necessary! 

If the weather permits, we will be OUTSIDE! :)


Saturday, July 27, 9AM

Friday, August 2nd, 6PM

Friday August 9th, 6PM

Saturday August 17, 9AM

Where: TBD (Shelton or Milford)

(Exact address will be given in confirmation email.)

Message me to reserve your spot!

[email protected]

* (Please note- no refunds given for missed sessions.)